1. Executive Search

Today’s global marketplace makes it harder than ever to access talent. Competition for talent is ever increasing while a majority of top performers have already been recruited. This is when Talent Search International comes in. After years of conducting industry experience, we have established a highly efficient network of middle level to senior level managers. For the discerning requirements of senior managements searches, we are able to deliver a bespoke and discreet search for the best candidates. Our Searches for these roles are often undertaken on a regional basis in order to fill mission critical roles for our clients. Recruiting for permanent staff is one of what we do best to ensure the candidate is the right person for the right job. Our customers will only have access to the best candidates in the market and using our proven methodology of screening candidates.

2. Interim Management

Talent Search International offers interim management services for a wide range of industries throughout the ASEAN region. Our extensive database allows us to successfully provide highly capable middle and senior management who can establish and lead positive change to your business.

Why use an interim manager?

An interim manager allows a business to move forward in times of change by harnessing the skills of a highly capable individual. They will help clients to fill critical gaps while providing in-depth business expertise for each specific situation.

3. Testing and Assesment

Talent Search International delivers a comprehensive pre-employment and psychometric testing services, “Testing Solutions”. This facility allows our customers to systematically test candidates on a large scale, reducing costs and time associated with the recruitment phase. By utilizing testing solutions, clients are able to effectively assess candidates on specific skills and personal traits necessary for the job.

Delivering Talent Globally

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